My Menu Of Offers & How To Work With Me...

From: Adil Amarsi
-London England

Hey guys,

Here's a menu of my services and products.

All my consulting deals, except my $3,500 consulting package, can be split between you and up to 2 friends.

Also, the products go from $97 - $997.

Including my 7 types of emails training which is coming out in March 2021.

The Consulting Packages & How They Work...

Each package comes as standard:

  • 30-60 minutes welcome/onboarding call (recorded to get your offer, voice, strategy, and story right)
  • Our actual consulting call (done 1-2 weeks after the call above)
  • A final review before it goes live.

The Consulting Packages:

Starting at $3,500 if you know how to edit and format for a sales page.

I only do the recording, and final check. This is for advanced clients who know how to write copy.

$5,000 package.

This is the consultation, recording, transcription, and a round of editing by my editing staff and I + a review before it goes live.

The $10k Package:

The $10k consulting package is about automation for you.

My team and I do it all.

The call, the transcription, the edit, and we handle everything for you before it's sent off to your team to be built.

Finally, my team and I look it over before it goes out to market.

Each of these can be split into two. Though I am starting to make it so the $5-10k ones can be split.

The way it works is we do a 30-60 min call where I figure your stuff out.
1-2 weeks later we hop on zoom and record the valuable stuff.

Any time left over is yours to be used over the following 12 months.


The Diagnosis:

If you've wanted to work with me but I'm a little too out of price range... then this is perfect for you.

During our call and time together, I'll go over your copy, idea, strategy, and give you the upsides, things to avoid, and know-how of putting together a successful promotion.

The fee for this is $1,500 USD.

If interested, message:

With your niche, audience size, and timezone.

The Products...

Welcome sequence, email writing training.

I take you through 7 emails that make your email sequence and breakdown how they work.

Though launched in 2020, it's automated and the upsells are arriving March 2021.

Not only that, you get the emails + the skeletal blueprints underneath. This helps you write your own emails faster and clearer.

It's $97.

7 Types of Email (Coming March 2021). $497

I'll be going through the 7 types of emails to keep your audience engaged, how to find your favorite, and how to combine them together.

This is going to be an in-depth training on email writing that comes with skeleton outlines for quick and easy use + a bunch of other stuff.

It's not live, so email: requesting it or send $497 to and I'll reserve your spot for when it's live.


The Copywriters Room main course.

It's $997.

I show you how to write world class copy in 5 hours.

It's something that has helped people make a lot of money and it's just a great course.

Plus I'm updating it for 2021 so you'll also get the upgrade.