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Firstly, this is not my best sales letter, and you'll see why in a moment.

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The Copywriters Room, is where I share how to write sales copy that has helped my clients bring in over $700+ million in sales over the last 12 years.

And have helped several people hit mid-5 figures, 6-figure and even a 7 figure copywriting career.

As a gift to Jay and his followers, I'm giving you an awesome 50% off the training.

So here's what's included:

Module 1: Find Your Core Story...

In Module 1, I reveal my outline on how to find your core story.

When you have this core story (in 3 simple steps), you immediately become way more intuitive of the needs of your market and how to position your story.

In this module we cover:

  • 3 simple steps to discover your story to relate with your customers
  • My personal checklist for what high converting sales copy needs
  • The formula I use for pre-headlines, headlines and subheadline that gets my customers hooked into reading every word
  • The words to avoid in order to keep your sales coming in, and not turn your customer off
  • And much, much more…

Module 2: Story Building...

In this module, I’m going to cover how you get your customers relating to you and how to start building a relationship in your copy.

Also how to use the opening paragraph to set up a perfect transition to who you are, why you do what you do, and introducing your product.

We’re going to cover:

  • Why writing your opening paragraph will keep your reader interested (A lot of copywriters and business owners get this wrong, once you get this right the success rate skyrockets for your offer)
  • How to introduce yourself to your customers in a way that is relatable and real.
  • Telling your story so that your customer trusts you & gets to know you.
  • How to properly announce your product so it flows into the customers mind
  • And much, much more...

(As a bonus, I also cover how to write FB ads that work and convert)


Module 3: The Close

In module 3 you get a masterclass in how to write the main body of your copy.

Everything we do in modules 1 & 2 sets up the rest of the copy and this is the bulk of your letter.

I’m going to be covering:

  • How to write product descriptions (and why most skip this step and it costs them)
  • The correct use of testimonials to allow your customer to see you are to be trusted (and how to use character testimonials if you’re starting out)
  • Why revealing the price and justifying it truthfully will positively impact your response rate.
  • My high converting guarantee and how to use it to put your reader's minds at ease
  • Signing off and the P.S’s to get your ideal customers putting money in your bank
  • My secret close that has had one of the Godfathers of Internet Marketing, Mark Joyner, confirm how under the radar it is and how it’s boosted sales from 25-37% using just 4 words.
  • And so much more…

Q&A & Hot Seats...

The last 2 hours of my training are focused around the 10 business owners and their unique niches that went through the course.

This rare insight gives you the chance to see how I answered their questions and gave them all hot seats which will lead to a lot of ideas for you.

What My Students Say...

Using the process Adil teaches in The Copywriters Room I impressed my client so much that she wants me to do a lot more work for her.

Ryan Morgan
Professional Copywriter and The Copywriters Room Student

I'm so happy that I said yes to signing up for this!! Thank Adil - you're a star!! So much goodness

Chevvy Oke
Chevvy Oke - Soulful Empire/The Copywriters Room Student

The knowledge The Copywriters Room gave me allowed me to increase my prices and confidently get more clients.

In fact I doubled my price for one service and got my course fee back within 10 days of starting!

Angie Morgan
Haphazardly Homegrown/The Copywriters Room Student

What Legends Say...

Adil Amarsi truly is the Michelangelo of Offer Creation.

Any marketing professional knows that world class sales copy is like icing on the cake... The cake is your offer.

And Adil is an artist at this stuff.

Chipping away at the marble, removing what’s unnecessary to reveal the masterpiece hidden in what looks like a simple block of rock.

Brad Costanzo
Bacon-Wrapped Business

Adil understands one critically important part of copy that most copywriters don’t — and that causes them to fail to generate results.

Adil understands not only how to write persuasively, but how to structure a persuasive argument, an offer, and a close. This structure is a secret weapon to his higher-converting copy!

Roy Furr and Master Copywriter

First, Adil has produced documented sales in excess of $500+ million for his clients, so he's obviously a master level copywriter.

Second, his formula for using storytelling in your copy is unlike any approach I've ever heard.

I told him, sincerely, that I've always disliked Storytelling copy, or at least the way it's taught.

But his method is so authentic and makes it easier to write great copy when you couple that with his impressive track record. His fees should be at least what other top marketers charge.

Plus, as Adil and I discussed after our interviews, with his two formulas, once you quickly learn them, you'll be able to write compelling copy from now on. So the value is so much greater than the price, I had to beat Adil up a bit as kindly as possible

Bob Serling
Million Dollar Licensing, World-Class Master Copywriter

I met Adil though the world of copywriting and developed a friendship through our mutual membership in NLM.

Whether you are a seasoned pro, or someone new to the game it demystifies the art of copywriting into actionable and validated steps to work to.

Simply follow as directed, ensure your copy hits all of the points mentioned, and voila You have some exceptional copy

My group loved it, and I continue (with Adil’s blessing) to recommend it as a great resource for anyone looking to master high converting and skilfully put together copy."

NOTE From Adil: The Copywriters Room expands on what I shared in NLM.

Dan Meredith
Coffee With Dan

BONUSES!  (Released over the next few days)

Bonus 1: 3 Simple Steps To Your Core Story presentation

I share how to actually create unlimited content using this 3 step formula. It's really in-depth.

Bonus 2: Understanding Your Perfect Prospect…

Avatars are cool but psychographics are the next stage up.

I share exactly how to do this in a 30 minute training.

Bonus 3: High converting swipe file.

With permission of two of my clients I'm going to reveal their sales pages for a single product and a single service.

The one for the product did a 90+% conversion rate to a dead list that netted my client a healthy, monthly 5-figure sum!

Bonus 4: Access to SSB Email module.

This is something I get asked about a lot...

"Will you teach email copywriting?" - Yes.

It's inside this training and you get access to it!

Bonus 5: Access to our FB Group (The swipe files are in here).

You'll be able to ask questions and get feedback right away.

Oh and you get to interact with me :D.

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